Starting off a new school year

“Getting to know you.
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you.
Getting to hope you like me.”

From the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I

IMG_0628 webThe children have spent the beginning of the school year getting to know their teachers, new friends and old, classroom rules, playground supervisors, secretaries, guards, Marsha and Mayuka. There is a very steep learning curve at this time of year for our little ones. Because what we are asking of them is developmentally appropriate, the children are enjoying it. The teachers very skillfully make all of this “getting to know you” very pleasurable for the children. Both Kindergarten classes had a hunt for the gingerbread man with gingerbread shaped clues that took them all through the school on their hunt. They visited the library, music room, Marsha’s room, the Director’s office and lo and behold, they found that Gingerbread Man back in their own classrooms, where they could enjoy it with lemonade! The Nursery children were all sitting in a circle on the playground rolling a big ball as they said each other’s name. The Pre-K kids have all learned a morning circle song that greets everyone in the class. The children are all happily learning about the school and each other! (Judy Beneventi, ELC Director)