Macbook 1:1 in the MS is off to a great start

The first couple of months were very exciting around the middle school! We are in the third year of our 1:1 laptop program, but this year we have introduced Macbooks. The students and teachers have hit the deck running with all kinds of fantastic applications for learning. Classes have incorporated learning through producing narrated slide shows, desktop publishing, video productions for presentations or speeches and skits, collaborating with others using web-based applications and posting examples of course work on their blogs.MStechpix1 web

Here are a few quotes from students and teachers on how the Macbook 1:1 program has made a positive impact on our ability to use technology as an important educational tool.

“It’s easier to scroll, to switch languages when typing, to create videos, to access documents, files, and programs, and overall it’s just faster.”

“Everything is smoother and easier. The format is so much more friendly. I like how our computers are our own.”

“The machines wake-up quickly after putting the lid down. This helps with classroom management. The battery life is also better.”

The middle school has started up a blog to help with any questions that come up for the laptop program – There are tutorials, tips and tricks, and other important information for students, teachers and parents. Students can subscribe to this blog so that they are notified with new posts to solve new problems. We have already had many excellent suggestions for topics from students and teachers to include in Laptop Central. (Jim Erwin, MS Instructional Technology Coach)