Students present at the Japan Global Issues Network conference

gin webOn September 28-29, the High School Global Issues Network (GIN) club hosted the 2012 Japan Global Issues Network (J-GIN) conference. Over 100 students from eight schools throughout Japan participated, sharing strategies for service-related initiatives at their schools, and working with students from other schools to identify opportunities to address some of the most pressing global problems we face today. The students were engaging and passionate about their own school’s projects, and showed tremendous collaboration and communication skills as they worked under tight time guidelines to prepare their mixed-group presentations. Special recognition goes to Ayumi Akiyama, Mari Tanioka, and Stephanie Gill for their roles in chairing the conference. A big thank you also goes to all the ASIJ GIN students, who helped organize the conference, and to the representatives from Philippine Relief Organization and Abot Kamay, who helped out and participated. We would also like to thank the PTA, who generously sponsored the conference, and Mr. and Mrs. Akiyama, who donated lots of time and energy in preparing and organizing food. (Rick Weinland and Nate Gildart, GIN advisors)gin 2