Enjoying the great outdoors on the annual KEEP trip

KEEP2012MsW004-SKiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP), was an experience that will stay in my heart forever. You do all sorts of exciting and entertaining activities; hiking up mountains and in the lush green forests, where the trees seem to float in bamboo saplings, and when you reach the top, you have the most extraordinary view, which takes your breath away. Not to mention the nature crafts, where you get to stroll in the forests and search for hazelnuts, pine cone, seed cones, leaves, twigs and many other small things of nature. With those pieces of nature, you can make whatever you want! There is also cow milking, playing in the lime green field with grasshoppers and four-leaf-clovers, the immensely amusing evening activities, delicious food, and stunning views everywhere you look. But, it’s not those activities that make KEEP so memorable and special.

The goal that ASIJ has for 6th Graders in KEEP is to meet and bond with other students, and to get to know your friends a bit better. Therefore, to support bonding with new grade members, all of your cabin mates, except one, is someone you don’t know and don’t have in any classes with, or only have in a few classes. At first I was very nervous, but this feeling immediately vanished after the first day because I had such a great time. For students that are nervous or stressed, I’d say “just chill!” Don’t worry, you’ll end up having the time of your life! It all depends on what you make of the trip. (Bianca Beck, Grade 6)