French students pitch their business ideas to the “PDG”

frenchBon Appétit et Félicitations! Good wishes were the order of the day on October 25 when the AP French class celebrated Namiko Saito’s and Arianna Tombesi’s “hiring” as the best advertising campaign team by the “PDG” or CEOs of a fictitious company. As part of the evaluation on their marketing unit, student pairs invented a product to sell by creating a name and a slogan for the product, a page spread in a magazine, and a television commercial. To present their products, they spoke to a panel of PDG (Président-Directeur Général) to persuade them that they were the best team in terms of creativity, originality, ambition, and teamwork. The PDG, all native French speakers, Alex DuMortier, Wouter Laleman, Jeff Leppard, and Hugues Ogier, judged the presentations and were duly impressed by the students’ facility with French, their self-confidence, and their professionalism. One of the judges remarked, “Wow, I would never have thought that second language students could be so proficient as high schoolers. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to speak like that in front of native speakers at that age.”

It was a close contest, but Arianna and Namiko, producers of “Bonpas,” a nutritious candy, won the competition. Peter Arnet and Stephanie Jinno invented a sleek wooden case for the iPhone, “Coque Naturelle,” and Abigail Sneider and Ryan Ogier regaled us with a taste of their new product, “Bouche Brownie.” As a culminating activity, the students sent e-vites in French to the PDG to invite them to celebrate their combined success for jobs that were extraordinarily well-done. Bon travail! (Kathy Saich, HS French)