Students spend the day at Meisei Gakuen to experience a typical Japanese school day

Japanese 4 students visited Meisei Gakuen, a local middle and high school as part of a project to compare the daily life of students in Japanese schools to those at ASIJ. Students introduced themselves in Japanese to the class then ate lunch in the school cafeteria, with their assigned “buddy,” where they interviewed their new friends and took photos of the school and collected artifacts in preparation for their presentation at ASIJ comparing our two schools. The presentations, given on November 7, compared different areas of school life from the amount of homework to the most popular sports to the food in the cafeteria. Not only were they a great window into life at a typical Japanese school, but students showed improvement in their ability to present their findings in Japanese in front of an audience. We hope this is the beginning of a relationship between our two schools that will continue for years to come. (Leslie Birkland, HS Japanese)