Exploring Japan through JUMP

Another JUMP year has come and gone! As the program evolves we continue to see service groups such as Abot Kamay and Habitat for Humanity giving their time to build homes and bring joy to orphaned children. The junior and senior trip to Hakone proved to be as popular and culturally enriching as always. This year, a group of students traveled to Kagoshima to explore the Kirishima volcanic plateau on horseback and discover samurai homes and Japanese castles.

Other groups such as Tokyo Metro, Three Great Days and Architectural Japan spent time in the Kanto area getting to know our own back yard a little bit better. The Amazing Race proved to be a popular event with students taking on a variety of challenges in a kind of scavenger hunt over the three days. Other more distant places included the temples and shrines of Kyoto, artistic fun in Mashiko and Chichibu, and adventure learning through Outdoor Japan and a long-distance cycling trip.

The Grade 9 group traveled to the Hakone area to participate in many cultural activities, such as taiko, kite-making, as well as more athletic ones like the ropes course, caving and horseback riding. Grade 10 made their way back to Togari, Nagano for a homestay farming experience. The trip included a stop at Zenkoji Temple and trying their hand at “The Crow Dance” and mochi pounding. (Nathan Gildart, JUMP Coordinator)