The Prince and the Watermelon

After two months of hard work and practice, on November 8-10 the middle school students presented the original musical The Prince and the Watermelon. This fractured fairy tale, loosely based on The Princess and the Pea, brought laughs for all ages. Highlights included some “out of touch” royalty, a little hip-hop dancing, court jester joking, secret service and paparazzi hassles, a forest protest, a few romantic moments, and, of course, a pile of mattresses with a watermelon stuck between the sheets.

The enthusiastic cast included students from the 6-8 grades with great singing, dancing, and acting talent. With a full cast of 40 students, Julian Johnson, Isabel Bosch, Brandon LaBarge, and Natalie Ferris played the lead roles. Supporting roles were played by Hikaru Takechi, Sarah Brinsley, Katie Sandford, Arnold Ho, Greta Morgenstern, and a whole group of other talented young performers.

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The play was written and directed by Catherine Berghahn. The music was composed by David Neale and Stephen Neale. David was also the assistant and music director. The set and lighting design was under the skill and direction of Ed Gilmartin, with support from a talented team of high school students.

Special thanks go out to the support of the middle school art program under the direction of Jessica Swist and Milan Claudio for help with properties and poster designs; Friends of the Fine Arts (FOFA) for help with concessions, supervision, and many production details; An endless team of administrators, teachers, and parents who made the program a reality. Thanks to David Neale and the Media Productions club for recording of the show. (Catherine Berghahn, MS Play Director)