Workshop with Virginia Rojas

Last week all of the ELC teachers and assistant teachers took part in a two-day workshop with Dr. Virginia Rojas.  Dr. Rojas conducts professional training on effective programs and strategies for English Learners. She works with international schools throughout the world as well as with school districts in the US and Canada. She is recognized for her leadership and her commitment to the development of second language proficiency among school populations, especially within an inclusionary and collaborative context. It is her belief that strategies which assist English Language Learners in K-12 settings are beneficial for all learners and that ESL and classroom teachers need to work together to provide seamless language development and academic achievement programs in order to target instruction and assessment to simultaneously increase English proficiency and academic achievement.

Our time with Virginia was fabulous.  All the teachers walked away with a better understanding of how to best teach English Language Learners. One of the most interesting and richest discussions was of common myths around bilingualism.  We are hoping to have Dr. Rojas back with us in April.  (Judy Beneventi, ELC Director)