Exploring our local surroundings through Intermission

Grade 6 student Brandon La Barge gives us the scoop on one of the highlights of the first year of middle school.

While the seventh and eighth grades headed out on their Extended Study trips, the sixth grade had their own little party back at ASIJ. We got to participate in Intermission! This article will be a perspective from my point of view and what I liked most. To start, let’s head off where it all began… Wednesday, January 23rd. On Wednesday, my group did three things: zori sandal making, a walk through Nogawa Park, and washi box making.

I’ll talk about my favorite one, a historical walk through the park. To start off on our little journey we went to a big playing field, which used to be a golf course. Before that, it was even a farm! Mr. Gibson (the group leader) told us that the cows used to walk up to the windows of ASIJ and stick their heads through the open windows. The kids would then pet the cows from inside the classroom! Fun? Totally! This is because he said there was no fence on the dairy farm, so the cows were free to roam. We then went through an obstacle course to get to the next area, the river. He showed us some skeletons of people from 20,000 BC! We then went to a Nature Center, which had a rain simulator, some free origami pets, and a beehive that was found in someone’s house. Man, it was huge! There isn’t time to tell everything but it was extremely interesting.

We then returned to ASIJ for some lunch, karaoke, and playing on the field. The next day, we came to ASIJ and did three more activities. My favorite, out of the three, was making yakisoba! Mr. Harris led us to the teacher’s lounge and taught us how to make this delicious dish. We were also allowed to eat our creation afterwards.

On Friday, we went over to Chofu Daiichi, a Japanese school that we team up with during Intermission. We first went to their school, had a little greeting meeting (that rhymes), and then went to participate in some fun activities. My favorite one was the dodge ball game. That’s pretty much what we did, play dodge-ball! After that we took the Chofu Daiichi students to ASIJ for some lunch. I then went to the TRC to run an activity with Vincent and Ms. Kim, while the rest of the students traveled around with their Chofu Daiichi guests to the different activities. Pretty fun stuff and we made lots of new friends! (Brandon La Barge, Grade 6)