Learning to wear a kimono

Dressing in a kimono and doing it properly is no small undertaking! There are kimono dressing schools, courses, teachers, certifications and books with entire chapters dedicated to fashionable accessories, behavior in a kimono, how to wear a kimono, preparing the body to wear a kimono and how to pose for pictures in a kimono. (I’m not making this up!)

Here at the ELC, we have our own kimono dressing teacher, Hisako Shimizu. Teacher Hisako is usually one of our playground supervisors, but she completely transforms herself out of her usual casual gear into a glamorous kimono one day each year. And then the work begins.

For each class in the school, Hisako demonstrates how to properly dress in a kimono in all the bits and pieces, wraps and slips, obi and ties that are requires for kimono dressing. The children are quite taken with the process and sit completely enthralled with the demonstration—to say nothing of their amazement that the person who runs and plays with them on the playground every day can look so very elegant. (Judy Beneventi, ELC Director)