Grade 3 Design Challenge

In the back corner of ASIJ, a building lies, unassuming but full of wonder. Inside these walls lurks minds teaming with creativity, attempting to meet each and every challenge laid in front of them.

Grade Three students are being challenged in design activities in cross-class groupings. Each classroom hosts a different challenge. From secret code breaking, rescuing a baby from a 4 meter drop, designing a skateboard ramp, creating the longest bridge to hold weight, and many more on each early release day.

The equipment isn’t fancy. Just newspaper, tape, string, and odds and ends thrown in to challenge inventiveness, problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication and cooperation.

The children are given the task, time to design, test, redesign and retest.  These sessions are not only a whole lot of fun but impact directly on our school’s strategic planning outcomes and promote the spirit of learning. (Grant Rolls, grade 3 teacher)