Visit to the local fire station is full of discovery

firestation 3After several weeks of study and exploration, our Nursery class at the ELC paid a visit to the fire station. Before the visit the children had spent time making a fire truck in our classroom, using the iPad to do research about how a fire truck looks and what it contains. They looked at photos to help them make hoses, ladders, fire hats, a steering wheel and a siren.

As they prepared for the visit the children thought about all of the things they wanted to know about the fire station and developed a list of questions. When we arrived at the station, the firefighters showed us around and told us about the trucks and other equipment. They let us try on uniforms and helmets and sit in the fire truck and be the driver. Our visit to the fire station helped the children to better understand what fire trucks are for and how they work. They learned a lot and had lots of fun along the way! (Cassy Guttenfelder and Nami Kim, Nursery teachers)