“Students Inspire” showcases unique talents and passions

The High School Student Council hosted a presentation on April 3 comprised of four ambitious, passionate and determined students who discussed their talents and the ways they have applied learning outside the classroom. This assembly, “Students Inspire,” was entirely student-organized and run. The presenters—senior Ryan Ogier, an avid cook; senior Hannah Davis, a devoted mentor of therapeutic horse riding; freshman Kenta Yaegashi, a talented violinist and junior Ansel Marsh, an ardent SEAL operative trainee—all offered great insight on how they had discovered and pursued their passions.

Students in the audience praised the speakers’ authenticity and commented on how great it was to have their peers share insight on a topic usually discussed by older guests from outside ASIJ. The audience was able to relate to them and share a mutual understanding. Overall, it was a day of new discoveries and inspiration. (Akira Camargo, grade 11 student)