Spring Musical: Beauty and the Beast

“Hideous, isn’t it?”

There was a time in the dark days production when it seemed that this beast of a show would never make the transformation into a beauty. No one would ever love it. The rose would die. We would all be objects forever and never be human again.

Making art is a leap of faith. Making musical theater is a whole bunch of people making the same leap of faith at the same time, jumping off the same cliff and believing they will learn how to fly before they hit bottom.

We have tried for years to get the rights to do Beauty and the Beast. As you have no doubt heard, we are the first school to perform it in Japan. Just reading the script gave me shivers, the writing and music are stunning. But making Beauty come to life in Tokyo would be a daunting challenge. The show had to be beautiful and magical in every way. Costumes, of course, but the magic needed to permeate every aspect of the production—set, props, orchestra, lights, sound, dance, singing and acting all had be notched up. Our audience already knew Beauty, they grew up with her, and we had to live up to or even exceed their expectations. I am in awe of all the students and adults who brought dedication, talent, and time to make this Beast beautiful. We all wanted to be our best.

We leaped.

(Brent Huber, HS musical director)

Complete cast, crew and orchestra

Complete cast, crew and orchestra