Down to earth: Kindergarten potato dig!


The Kindergarten gets “down to earth” and studies plants during May. We look at the different parts of plants: seeds, stems, roots, leaves, flowers. We also discuss the purpose of the different parts of a plant and study the life cycle of plants through books, videos, and observations. We visited the Jindaiji Botanical Garden earlier in May to see the wide variety of plants that exist. The students also each planted a couple of seeds in a transparent plastic cup and measured the roots and stems as they grew over a period of two weeks. On May 30 we had an exciting culmination of the plant unit by digging up potatoes right in our backyard (in the garden on the ASIJ playground). And lastly, Ms. Kanoh will make delicious mashed potatoes from our dig for the class to enjoy. (Jon Sack, Kindergarten assistant teacher)