Nursery community container garden project

Martha and Hiroko’s Nursery class began a community project to make our school more beautiful. The children have learned that a community project is when you do some thing for your community that everyone will enjoy. You do it to make your community a better place to be.

We planted flowers in the containers at the front entrance of the school to make our school more beautiful. We prepared the planters last week. First we put a grid at the very bottom of the containers to cover up the holes, so the dirt does not come out. Next, we put very light rocks at the bottom of the containers so the water can drain out and then we filled them with very nice dirt. We chose pink, white, lavender and red flowers to plant in the containers. Our flowers will need lots of water, sunlight and air to grow. They will also need plant food to grow and make lots of flowers. Now the walkway up to our school looks so beautiful. It will make everyone happy when they come to school! (Martha Mundy, Nursery teacher)