ASIJ athletes get specialized assessment

On August 23, Sam Gilbert, the head physiotherapist from Club 360 worked with our student athletes to give them a customized plan of corrective strategies to reduce the risk of sports injuries.  After years of treating youth athletes from various sports and detailed study into the mechanisms, biomechanics and risk factors for different injuries, the specialists at Club 360 have developed this program to help prevent possible injuries.

The screening included a functional movement screen (FMS), jumping and landing analysis, and range of movement and strength analysis.  At the completion of these assessments each player was given a program of corrective strategies that included stretches, joint mobilisations, muscle activation drills and strengthening exercises. Most of these can be incorporated into the warm up for their respective sport training sessions or performed as a brief home exercise program. Common findings across the board were then discussed with ASIJ coaches to establish the most appropriate methods of intervention.  This pro-active approach has the potential to significantly reduce injury occurrence improve the safety, playing longevity and performance  youth athletes.

Club 360 also offers a variety of kids classes and is located just minutes from our ELC at Roppongi Hills.
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