ES counselors provide great advice at the October Parent Group meeting

“What is the difference between teasing and bullying?”
“How can I support my child when they tell me someone is being mean to them?”
“What if my child tells me everything is OK and I’m worried that’s not actually the case?”
“As a parent, how do I support my child if they are feeling left out or excluded from a group?”
“How does the Elementary School respond to teasing and bullying?  How does the school talk about this with the students?”

These questions and more were explored during the first PTA Elementary School Parent Group session of the school year on Friday, October 11.  The session, “Teasing Out Teasing and Bullying”, facilitated by ASIJ’s Elementary School counselors Naho Kikuchi and Steve Hisler, saw about 65 parents sharing, exploring and learning together.

Parents first had an opportunity to speak with each other, discussing and recording their questions related to teasing and bullying.  Parents then explored a variety of resources curated  by the counselors on the following website: (password: mustangs)

Finally, Ms. Kikuchi and Mr. Hisler fielded questions and shared strategies for helping students deal with difficult social situations.

In true ES Parent Group fashion, this was an informative morning spent discussing an important and complicated topic. Last year, the ES Parent group held sessions inspired by leading books such as Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children by Michael Thompson and Teach Your Children Well by Dr. Madeline Levine as well as a session on Digital Citizenship and the partnership between home and school. The next session this year will be devoted to learning more about dealing with sibling rivalry and will be facilitated by Guest speaker Dr. Ron Shumsky. (Steve Hisler and Naho Kikuchi, ES Counselors)