ASIJ artists brainstorm some amazing Google Doodles

google1Middle School art teachers Jessica Swist and Milan Claudio explored some elements of Design Thinking with our art students for this year’s Doodle4Google Japan contest. The theme for this year was “If I were an inventor…” We invited students to think of problems they have and things that annoy or bother them, and to brainstorm creative inventions that would solve those problems.

google3While there was a somewhat pre-determined end result—students had to produce a logo for Google incorporating their dream inventions, in a particular size and format as stipulated by the contest organizers—we tried to incorporate elements of Design Thinking in the process of guiding students in exploring and defining their own problems and generating creative solutions. Students then had the opportunity to sketch multiple versions of their inventions, and were challenged to incorporate them into the letters of the Google logo in a way that would preserve legibility and communicate the function of their invention.

google2We liked that the task was authentic, in that students had a clear purpose and knew that they had a legitimate chance to win the contest and have their design be the Google search page logo for all of Japan for a day.

We are very grateful to Yinsei Chitani for sharing and translating the contest information.

To see the students’ Google Doodles, check out our Flickr gallery! View each image in full size to read the student’s statement about their invention. (Jessica Swist and Milan Claudio, MS Art)