ASIJ Jazz Band performs for Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

Jazz Combo at TAC

ASIJ Jazz Combo performs at Tokyo American Club

The ASIJ Jazz Band and combos have been playing around town! We’ve had a very busy fall, with the chance to play for some very special groups from universities to an event welcoming the new US Ambassador.

The Jazz Band performing at Tama University

The Jazz Band performing at Tama University

Wednesday, October 19, one of our combos entertained at the opening of the College Women’s Association of Japan’s annual art show (see video below). Saturday, November 2 the Jazz Band performed at Tama University for their annual fall festival. Then on November 20 one of our combos enjoyed playing for ASIJ’s Board of Trustees Annual meeting. Following this, on November 30 another combo played for the American Chamber of Commerce of Japan at Tokyo American Club, where they had the honor of performing for the new US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy.

Being able to perform at a variety of venues for such different audiences has been a great opportunity for all of the students in the band. (Randy Wanless, MS/HS Instrumental Music)