Grade 8 takes to the slopes in Naeba

The Naeba ski trip – everybody was extremely excited for it, especially since it hadn’t snowed in Tokyo until then. Everybody was gushing with excitement and we couldn’t wait to see everything Niigata Prefecture had to offer. Our busy schedule started with snowshoeing on the first day, and skiing on the second and third.

Snow shoeing was an amazing experience, and a new one for the majority of our grade. Through losing our snowshoes, running after our friends, and trudging knee-deep through the powder, we all had a great time. We also had the thrilling opportunity to slide down huge hills and let the snow cushion our fall. You could hear everyone’s shrieks echoing as they sped down, and everyone waiting in anticipation for their turn.

After our dinner at the Prince Hotel, we had night activities. This was the time to socialize with our friends, make new ones, play board games or have snowball fights.

The next day, we got up bright and early to start our first skiing/snowboarding lessons. It was what we had all been waiting for. Everyone rushed to get their equipment on, get outside and onto the slopes. It didn’t matter how experienced you were, we all had fun pushing ourselves to the next level and improving with our friends. After our lessons, we got to ski with our friends and experience the other trails and steeper slopes.

The third day was the last day, and we all wanted to get as much time skiing or snowboarding as possible. After the last few hours on the slopes with our friends, we ate at the food court and made our way to the buses to head back to ASIJ. Although we were sad that the trip had come to an end, we left with new friends and memories that would stay with us through the rest of the year. It was an amazing school trip, and the 8th grade can agree that it was one of the best there is! (Rae Edmunds, grade 8 student)