ASIJ gives ¥2.5 million to Toys for Tohoku

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As part of ASIJ’s continuing work in Tohoku, specifically working with children in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami, we partnered with the Toy Card Group to deliver ¥2,000 (approx. $20) per child worth of Toy Card coupons to as many children in the Tohoku area as possible.

We hoped to bring holiday cheer to the many Tohoku children and families still suffering from the effects of earthquake, tsunami and subsequent radiation issues that continue to negatively impact their daily life. The children can exchange the Toy Cards for a variety of toys that appeal to children of different ages.

We collected donations for this project from December 9 – 18 with ¥895,000 (approx. $8,700) given from the ASIJ community including parents, faculty and staff, and alumni. This was matched with funds previously donated to the ASIJ Japan Relief Fund for a total of ¥2,500,000 (approx. $24,000). All money collected was converted into Toy Card gift coupons and distributed through regional NGOs to 1,250 children in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima.

Since March 11, 2011 ASIJ’s relief efforts have focused on improving the lives of the children in the affected areas.  Our work to date includes: Hosting Christmas and Halloween carnivals in Ishinomaki, Virtual English lessons with Sakari Elementary School in Ofunato, a Saturday English program for Iwaki City evacuees in Tokyo, recreational evacuation programs for the children of Fukushima City and participation in our Summer Day Camp by children from Ishinomaki and Iwaki Cities. This holiday toys project was a great opportunity to continue our support of the children of Tohoku.