Why go to the zoo when the zoo can come to you?

On April 7th, the Kindergarteners at the Chofu campus had a special visit from Doubutsu Mura (Petting Zoo). The zoo consisted of goats, sheep, a dog, a calf, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, and other birds. The animals provided an opportunity for our students to have a first-hand experience on how to handle, feed and care for them. This is in contrast to the usual zoo experience, where normally wild animals are viewed from behind safe enclosures where no contact is possible. An ever popular event at our Early Learning Center in Roppongi, this was the first time for the zoo to visit our Chofu campus.

The children had a great time and even got to witness a chicken laying an egg on their playground! Carrots, apples and cabbages were provided so that the children could actually feed the animals. It was a wonderful immersion experience to begin our pet unit. (Aileen Kanoh, ES secretary)