Art students experience Andy Warhol through “15 Minutes Eternal”

Last month a talented team of five artists and educators from the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visited Tokyo in conjunction with the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Mori Art Museum entitled “15 Minutes Eternal.”

Artists from the Warhol Museum worked with ASIJ’s middle school art teachers Jessica Swist, and Milan Claudio, and their art students on creating silkscreen prints and journals in the Warhol style. In addition, educators from the Museum showed our students examples of the scores of time capsules the artist composed. Warhol used the contents of the boxes to express his feelings on Time, Love, Beauty, Work, and Fame.

Museum personnel also brought a time capsule organized and assembled by students in the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA) answering the question: What is it like to be a teenager in Pittsburgh? Our students enjoyed opening the box and viewing the objects sent from teenagers in Pittsburgh. Our students reciprocated by filling their box with artifacts from their lives in Tokyo.

The goal of this project is to develop a cross-cultural exchange of ideas between educators and students in Asia and America. The culminating activity was a tour through 15 Minutes of Eternal at the Mori Art Museum. Two of the artists from the Andy Warhol Museum accompanied and guided our students, many parents and faculty through the exhibit. (Jessica Swist, MS Art)

The 15 Minutes Eternal exhibition is in Tokyo until May 6, 2014. For more information:
Mori Art Museum