Design engineer and ASIJ graduate Taiei Harimoto works with students


In late April we welcomed back ASIJ graduate Taiei Harimoto (class of ’05) who is currently working for Proximity, a Myanmar-based company that designs affordable solutions for local farmers. Before joining Proximity, Taiei was a teaching assistant at Stanford University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has put this background to good use on current projects for irrigation, water storage and pumps that work with solar energy or human energy creating by pedalling.

While addressing high school juniors and seniors in ASIJ’s Ricketson Theater, he explained the importance of listening to user feedback and developing products that farmers in Myanmar could easily use. He showed us specific examples of the way that products had been modified based on feedback from end users. He also gave the students general advice about how to make the most of your college experience by trying a lot of different things and meeting a wide range of people in order to discover your passion.

Taiei also participated in middle school creative design classes where he asked students questions about their current projects and the way that they went about the design process to find creative solutions for a set of problems. Taiei commented on how great it is that students are getting exposure to the design process at such an early age as typically it isn’t introduced until college. (Lucy Williams, Alumni Relations Officer)