Middle School Carnival puts math in action with fun probability games

The second annual Middle School carnival took place under sunny skies on April 24th. This new tradition was started last year as an event to build community, see math in action, and raise money for a good cause.

As the summative assessment for their unit on probability, the seventh graders designed carnival games, determining the probabilities involved in winning or losing the game. They then created videos to pitch the idea to their classmates. Each advisory group chose two games to create for the carnival, and set about creating the necessary props for carnival-goers to spin, throw, drop and roll; trying to beat the odds and win a prize.

The sixth grade advisories created outdoor games. On the middle school field, students could be seen bobbing for apples and searching whipped-cream pies for M&Ms, aiming for a variety of targets, completing an obstacle course and a relay race, and walking a colorful Candyland path.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes were invited, and the eighth graders escorted them to the carnival.  They also sold tasty treats, from tacos to shaved ice; freshly grilled hotdogs to baked goods.

New features this year included a polaroid photo booth and a stellar line-up of live performances, both organized by eighth grade students.

The event raised over ¥200,000 for Second Harvest and their work in the Tohoku region. (Erin Wick, MS Math)