Spring Musical: Legally Blonde

One of the great advantages of high school musicals is the abundant energy and sparkle of student actors. This year we wanted to highlight that youthful excitement again with a focus on dance and humor. The Legally Blonde dialog is fast and witty and a little irreverent but most of all the music rocks and the dancers explode off the stage. Saturday rehearsals were long and physically exhausting (yes, we had actors singing and jumping rope at the same time) but was is a joy about accomplishing something that seemed impossible.

Besides making fun of musical theater conventions, Legally Blonde playfully pokes fun at a world that often judges a book by its cover. While not a heavily didactic script, our production condemned judging by stereotypes and pursuing superficial goals for all the wrong reasons. We celebrated being true to yourself.

Over 100 students and adults who came together in a most authentic example of collaboration  to create this massive production. Each member of our company brought their unique skills and talents to create something none of us can do alone. Those on stage were more than wonderful but there were twice as many backstage students or in the pit.

I often pick one simple thing in the show when watching and remember how many hands it took to create that moment that looks so easy in performance. Whether it was the  dance move in Bend and Snap, the onstage costume change in Like a Man, the synth sound in a OMG, the gels for the Greek chorus, the final chord in So Much Better, the cut of a blonde wig, a pilgrim hat in Chip or the multiple sets of wheels needed to get the salon on stage; each of these brief moments needed design, redesign, redesign, application and the synthesis of many artists to make theatre magic.

I like to tease that the high school musicals brings spring, we start our work in the cold of winter and come out of a darkened theater blinking at the pink of sakura in spring.

Hope you enjoyed being pink with us this year. (Brent Huber, HS Musical Director)

For more photos, see the Darksea Studios Gallery (password: mustangs)