MIT’s Shigeru Miyagawa meets with ASIJ’s Japan Seminar class


On May 8, Shigeru Miyagawa, MIT professor of Linguistics and Japanese Language and Culture visited ASIJ to speak with high school students in Kathy Krauth’s Japan Seminar class. In addition to having worked with Kathy through MIT’s Visualizing Cultures , he is also a former ASIJ teacher and was curious to see the campus again.

The Japan Seminar students had this unique opportunity to ask Mr. Miyagawa questions on a range of topics from Japanese history disputes to the difference between Japanese and American higher education. He also gave students advice about college and spoke about the importance of teamwork and collaboration both in academics and in order to succeed in any field.

Mr. Miyagawa is currently in Japan as the Director of Online Education at Tokyo University as well as continuing his work as the Chair of the MIT OpenCourseWare Faculty Advisory Committee. He gave the students a preview of the upcoming joint MIT-Harvard-UTokyo Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Visualizing Japan.” Mr. Miyagawa and his colleagues such as renowned historians Andrew Gordon (Harvard), John Dower (MIT) and Shunya Yoshimi (UTokyo) have been developing the content for two courses on  “Visualizing Postwar Tokyo.” Mr. Miyagawa explained the process for this joint venture and discussed the increasing interest in online education and the different forms it takes.

ASIJ students and teachers alike are looking forward to the MOOC with much interest and are grateful to Mr. Miyagawa for taking out time to give us an inside look! (Lucy Williams, Alumni Relations Officer)