Choral Ensemble creates their own arrangement for “Just Noise”

Last year pop musician Beck released an album with no sound. Just like from your grandma’s piano bench, he only gave us sheet music for 20 songs. Musicians from all over the world have been creating their own versions and so has the ASIJ Choral Ensemble.

Last Friday we debuted our arrangement of “Just Noise” live and in concert. It starts and ends with the mesmerizing whirling of yellow whooie tubes and breaks in the middle for us to put our little red hearts in a blender and grind them into just noise. A pretty unique arrangement by these girls. A video of the song is post on the Beck’s Song Reader site at and can be watched below:

Not quite as good a being there but you will get a good feel on the interesting things that happened this year in Choral Ensemble. (Brent Huber, HS Music)