Congrats, Class of 2014!


It’s a bittersweet time of year when we say goodbye to our high school seniors and wish them the best as they move on to universities around the world. During the last week of school, seniors are treated to a banquet, a celebrated “senior walk” parade through campus, and other special events leading up to the graduation ceremony. Though it can feel as busy as a whirlwind, we hope they can find time to reflect on their time at ASIJ and a moment to say goodbye to all of the people that supported them throughout.

This year we had 142 graduates with an average of 5.5 years at ASIJ. Three members of the class can call ASIJ home for all 15 years of their schooling!

The graduation ceremony was live streamed on ASIJ TV so that relatives and friends from around the world could tune in.

The Class of ’14 has certainly left their mark on ASIJ and we are sad to see this talented group leave. We’re sure they will bring their amazing spirit, intellect and sense of humor to the next stop on their journey!

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