Groundbreaking on construction of amazing new facility to replace the MPR

September 9th marked the official start of construction of ASIJ’s newest building with a traditional Japanese groundbreaking ceremony. Representatives from the school, construction company Koshin Kensetsu, and architecture firm Tange Associates took part in the ceremony which involved making offerings of rice, sake and salt at the four corners of the site. Parent and Board member David Nishida placed the items at the four corners of the foundations and then Architect and former ASIJ parent Paul Tange cut a sheaf of rice before breaking into the specially shaped mound of sand. Head of School Ed Ladd and Mr. Hayato Ozawa from Koshin Kensetsu dug into the mound with ceremonial spades.

The building, which is the completion of Phase 2 of our 4×4 Campaign, will open at the start of school in 2015. In addition to a new Multi-Purpose Room, the facility will feature art and music classrooms for elementary students and a suite of design tech labs on the second floor. The third floor will house new office and conferencing spaces as well as a Japan Center.