Students learn from renowned Japanese calligrapher Shoko Kanazawa

On November 5, we were pleased to welcome Shoko Kanazawa, a renowned calligrapher of traditional Japanese shodo. Ms. Kanazawa is notable for being one of the youngest calligraphers to have her work globally recognized, holding her first solo exhibit in Ginza at age twenty. She has been practicing shodo since age five. ASIJ students and teachers were awed at the way she manipulated the brush larger than the size of her arm, to create fluid, beautiful work.

In addition to gifting us with the piece she created at ASIJ titled “Tomo ni Ikiru” (Living Together in Harmony), Ms. Kanazawa also showed students how to hold the brush and instructed them as they wrote some kanji of their own. It was a great experience for us to learn more about the nuances and skill required in Japanese calligraphy.

More information:
Shoko Kanazawa’s official website