Middle School Musical brings Alice’s Wonderland to life

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On November 6th, 7th, and 8th the Middle School musical cast and crew presented the musical Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Jr. to sell out crowds. This fun, energetic show is one that leaves the audience cheering and singing along. The performance also had special effects including video portions and a flying butterfly.

The enthusiastic and talented cast included students in 6th through 8th grades who entertained the audience with singing, dancing, and acting. With a full cast of over 30 students and 20 crew members, Isabel Bosch played the lead role of Alice. She was supported by Ryo Komibayashi as the White Rabbit; Brandon LaBarge as the Mad Hatter; Valerie Grespan as the Caterpillar; Mae Lewis-Workman as the March Hare; and Kai Vaarkamp as the Queen of Hearts. Additional supporting roles were played by: Caitlin Lightle, Sydney Weinstein, Hans Van Der Sande (as the Cheshire cats), Takuto Domeki (as the Dodo), Sarah and William Montgomery (as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum), Hanna Pham, Sara Hagiwara, Leonie Finke, Sakura Chan, and Hana Kabira (as the Flowers), and Thomas Ricks (the King of Hearts). We also had a wonderful choral team that played multiple roles and sang solos.

The play was Directed by Catherine Berghahn, with David Neale as the Assistant and Music Director. David also designed beautiful, colorful set along with building support from Glenn Hoskins and Kevin Mitrisin. Lighting/sound design was under the direction of Ed Gilmartin, with support from a talented team of high school students. The costume design was under the direction of Naomi Hoff with a wonderful group of parent volunteers who sewed the extra beauty into the show.

Special thanks go out the middle school art students under Jessica Swist and Milan Claudio for supporting art work and designs; Andrea Johnston for Prop and stage crew support; Anita Gesling for the front of house and ticket sales; Friends of the Fine Arts (FOFA) for help with concessions, supervision, and many production details. Particular thanks goes to Miwa Montgomery for her leadership with the FOFA team and all our parent volunteers; Finally, thank you to the numerous administrators, teachers, and parents who helped made the program a reality.

We hope everyone who came to see the show left with a “Wonderful Feeling” and a Cheshire Grin. (Catherine Berghahn, MS Musical Director)