Nana Yoshimura reflects on her internship at SIT

High school sophomore Nana Yoshimura tells us about her summer internship at Shibaura Institute of Technology.

Instead of spending my summer at the beach this year, I decided to challenge myself by pursuing my interests in the sciences and stepping out of my comfort zone. I sent an application to a science internship program held by a famous science university in Japan, Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT). I was accepted along with several other ASIJ students who were eager to spend two precious weeks of summer doing research.


ASIJ sophomore Nana Yoshimura during her internship at SIT

On the very first day, we each gave a ten minute presentation introducing ourselves and the significance of this internship. In my presentation, I mentioned four key words to describe the importance of this internship to me: interacting with others, pursuing my true passions, learning from experts and broadening my knowledge. The experience I had during the internship gave me all of this and more.

I had the privilege of working in a superconductivity laboratory with two professors, Mr. Miryala and the president of SIT, Mr. Murakami, who contributed to the initial innovations of superconductivity. During those two weeks, we were able to experience the process of creating a superconductor, observe its chemical properties and measure its magnetic field and strength.

In our free time, the college students kept us entertained—from showing us a ten thousand dollar superconductor, to liquefying carbon dioxide and playing with liquid nitrogen. They showed us the most intriguing chemistry experiments and explained all the underlying concepts. They constantly reminded us of the significance of understanding the reasoning behind what is occurring in the experiment.

On the last day, we made a final presentation on what we had learnt over the past two weeks. It was a monumental day where everybody gave an extremely complex and specific presentation that summed up the results of our research. The professors wrapped it up by distributing awards of completion, and gave us a heartwarming speech about our future potential and how science still leaves us a space to discover.


This internship gave me momentous inspiration to continue pursuing my passion for scientific research. The experience I had at SIT surpassed all of my expectations, and continuously provided me with challenges that propelled me forward. It also enabled me to better understand the thought process behind scientific experiments, gave me insight into future career options, and acted as a catalyst and a motivation factor for me to pursue my future goals in the scientific fields. (Nana Yoshimura, grade 10 student)