Numazu: the 38th Annual Elementary Exchange

ASIJ 5th-grade elementary classes welcomed students from Katoh Gakuen in Numazu yesterday for the 38th year of culture and language exchange.

The morning started with welcoming ceremonies and outdoor activates from which students went to lunch for a language exchange period.

Our students and guests then moved to the classrooms to do calligraphy and origami. Cheers of “Bouzu! Bouzu!” could be heard as our 5th-graders also learned to play a Japanese card game called “Bouzumekuri,” the goal of which is to collect the most cards while avoiding the Monk (Bouzu).

The day drew to a close with a Musical Farewell Assembly. ASIJ 5th-graders performed “I Love the Mountains,” accompanied by a range of instruments, as well as “Roar!,” popularized by Katy Perry. Katoh Gakuen reciprocated with “Tomodachi Dakara (Because We are Friends),” “Arigato (Thank You),” and “Yatai from Edo Bayashi,” a traditional instrumental that can still be heard in Asakusa. Everyone came together in the end for a final exchange song, “Your Eyes.”

A video of the musical performance can be downloaded at ASIJ TV.