Eighth Grade Hits the Slopes

For three days, starting on January 21st, our entire grade journeyed on an overnight trip to the slopes of Mt. Naeba. We started off snowshoeing, which was a new activity for most of us. The first challenge was putting on the shoes, but I found that after many more challenges and 3 hours of hiking through several feet of snow together, we really bonded and connected.

That night, we all gathered in a room to play board games. Playing games together was not only fun, it also it really forced us to talk to people outside of our immediate friend groups. Everyone made a few new friends.

The next day, we all put on our skis and snowboards to hit the slopes. Until lunch we brushed up on our technique in skill-based groups with instructors. However, after lunch we had about 4 hours to free ski with our friends, which was one of the best parts of the trip. Spending time on the slope with your friends was fun for everyone, regardless of ability, and again gave us time to connect with each other in a way that wouldn’t happen in a classroom at school. The activities that night were my favorite part of the trip. You could feel the excitement in the air while we had one huge snowball fight together.

The last day, after a morning of skiing, we all came back to Tokyo a little sad the ski trip was over. All in all, the 8th grade Ski Trip wes three incredible days of making new friends, bonding with the ones we already had, and enjoying a whole lot of snow. It was definitely one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on! (Pria, grade 8 student)