NYU, Columbia and ASIJ Alumna Hama Makino Speaks on Life After Graduation

Alumna Hama Makino ’95 visited campus on February 16th and held a conversation with high school students interested in life after ASIJ.

After graduating from ASIJ, Hama attended NYU where she received her Bachelor’s in Art and Spanish. She then attend Columbia University, receiving her Master’s in Economic and Political Development. Hama now works in International Development, particularly in the area of financial inclusion to the poor. In addition to her International Development work, she is also a professional development coach with Columbia University.
hamacrop2During her visit on the 16th, Hama offered to speak with any students about questions or concerns regarding college, career and general life after ASIJ. Ten students attended the casual, open-format conversation.

Hama responded to questions such as “How has attending ASIJ influenced your life afterwords?” and “What was the transition between ASIJ and college like?” The flow of questions led to topics such as her career on Wall Street, how she got into to banking, and the differences between that life and her current life in Mexico City. Speaking to those differences, Hama said that she regards every experience as valuable but urges each student to consider their own personal values and priorities when considering a career.

Although time was limited, the lull-less conversation was productive and greatly appreciated by the students who attended. We would like to thank Hama Makino for lending her time and experiences for the advancement of our students.