The Carter Hammer Hits High School


On March 6th Mimi Nakagawa, a representative from Habitat for Humanity in Japan, visited the ASIJ High School during activity period. With her, Mimi brought a hammer signed by former president Jimmy Carter, a leather-bound journal and a challenge. Dubbed “The #carterhammer Challenge,” participants are asked to use the hammer for a good deed, sign the journal and spread the Carter-hammer message through social media networks.

You can read full details of the #carterhammer challenge on their campaign’s homepage.

Jimmy Carter’s hammer is currently traveling around the Asia-Pacific region in order to raise awareness and money for new building projects. The hammer started in Thailand and will eventually meet Jimmy Carter in Nepal, where Habitat for Humanity will begin building houses using new techniques better suited for earthquake-prone regions.

ASIJ Highschool students are supporting the cause through a competition to see who can raise the most money: Freshmen and Juniors vs. Sophomores and Seniors. The #carterhammer challenge is not only a fundraising campaign, but also a social media campaign. Participants as well as supporters are encouraged to upload, share, hashtag and like the hammer on their favorite network.