Screenplays and Production: Maggie Bandur Visits ASIJ

Maggie Bandur, television writer and producer, visited ASIJ middle school and high school classes during the week of March 9th. Having worked on television series such as Malcom in the Middle and Community, Maggie brought fifteen years of real-world writing and production experience to our students.

During her visit, Maggie spent a week coaching both middle and high school classes through a screenplay writing and drafting process. She spoke on the elements and format of a screenplay before encouraging students, in groups, to brainstorm a story. Maggie then lead students to develop the story into a working screenplay, instructing on different aspects script-writing as they progressed. As part of the process, students would test read lines, practice jokes and evolve the plot of their scripts.


Concluding their time learning from Maggie, the middle school classes gathered together for a “table read,” where members of each group would represent a part of their script for an open reading. Much like a play, everyone read for a role. The opportunity, from brainstorming to reading, not only aided in the development of writing skills but also creativity through a practical exercise.