Charles Scott: Climate Hero and Adventurer

Charles R. Scott, author, United Nations Climate Hero and adventurer, visited ASIJ with his family on Tuesday, March 31. The goal of his visit was to speak to and inspire students to “be adventurous.”


Charles defines the spirit of adventure. Having worked at Intel for 14 years, he felt stagnated. He needed an opportunity to change, grow and spend time with his children. Charles left his corporate position at Intel and has since dedicated his life to family excursions that push the boundaries of personal comfort and fortitude.

Most of these excursions have taken the form of endurance challenges. Charles uses his “crazy adventures to encourage people to challenge their perceived limits.” His book, Rising Son, for example, details a bike journey with his 8-year-old son from the northernmost to the southernmost tip of Japan—2,500 miles in 67 days. Clearly living his message, Charles and his family encourages everyone to step outside of their comfort-zone, to do something difficult in any way that they are inspired. “Try out for a sport you’ve never done… or study something that seems really hard…tell someone you love how you really feel.”


“The more you try to do hard things, the easier they get.”

There are many ways to challenge yourself, all of which are learning experiences. Charles shared the story of his father/son bike excursion through Japan to promote that message. While biking long distances may have been physically difficult, Charles also confronted himself and his son with issues of planning, execution, language barriers, rationing and even where to sleep while traveling from Cape Souya to Cape Sata. Overcoming challenges and difficult situations makes future problems much more manageable. Through his adventures Charles has been able to learn more about his family, himself and the world—experiences he hopes others will seek for themselves.

Charles R. Scott visited ASIJ as part of the PTA Sponsored Speaker Series. You can read more about him and his books on his website, The Family Adventure Guy.