The Chofu Petting Zoo: Doubutsu Mura Returns to ASIJ

Bouncing bunnies, chirping chicks and gallivanting guinea pigs! Kindergartners welcomed a host of furry and feathered friends when the petting zoo came to ASIJ on April 3rd. Two petting zoo professionals brought 15 types of animals, including turkeys, goats, a calf and even a dancing cockatoo on what may have been the most beautiful day so far this year.

The children had a wonderful time petting, feeding and holding their favorite creatures. The most popular, however, may have been the calf. With her long, black tongue and bottomless appetite, students were overjoyed to spend time with her. The goats, on the other hand, may have been overeager—often moving the whole pen as they reached for the students’ offers of carrots and apples.

This turkey in particular loved visiting with our kindergarten students.

Everyone was sad to see the animals go but the Doubutsu Mura was a valuable learning experience, marking the start of the kindergartener’s pet unit.