High School Physical Education 10: A New Perspective on PE

Quick, think about your high school physical education experience. Chances are you called it “gym.”  It is ​possible your PE was largely based around group sports and games. Or perhaps ​your memories reflect stereotypes about PE similar to those portrayed in media like The Wonder Years, Clueless or The Waterboy.  Physical education conjures up many powerful memories and emotions for people, both positive and negative.

PE 10 looks to spin those perspectives towards the positive using a lifelong approach to teaching health and fitness. Mental and physical well-being is the goal as the students work their way through units on yoga, cardiovascular training and fitness room workouts.

An individual approach is taken to ensure that all students have a positive experience through setting and working to achieve personal fitness goals. PE 10 is positive, challenging and provides a lot of variety. PE student Nana Yoshimura, grade 10, sums it up best: “​This class provides me with challenges in multiple perspectives that I learn to tackle and overcome. I occasionally find myself looking forward to my PE class even though PE classes are usually the embodiment of my struggles.” (Brian Mutschler, HS PE Teacher)