Game of the Century: Student-Faculty Kickball


Last Friday, April 18th, sixteen lucky second grade students had the chance to square off against the big boys in this year’s student-faculty kickball game. The Toppino family won this opportunity at the Gala’s live auction this year as a birthday celebration for their son, Matthew.

It was a close game but, in the end, the younger generation’s stamina and agility clenched it for the win!

Congratulations to this year’s champions:

Matt – “The Beast of the East,” Hugo – “Hugzies,” Arnab – “Arnie the doughnut,” “Wreck it Reid,” Evan – “E Money,” Aidan – “Magic Eggnog,” “Yoji the Great,” “Eddie the Man,” “Noriomi the Stampy,” Nick – “Beastmode,” “Amazing Andrew,” “Lexi the Hilarious,” JP – “El Diablo,” “Nimble Nesim,” “Thomas the Bombus” and “Keita the Pro”