ELC the Clay Way

This term, the Nursery children have been having fun exploring various types of clay, learning about their differences and what makes them unique. Among other differences, the children learned that paper clay gets hard and like chalk when it dries, wood clay actually smells like wood, oil clay doesn’t dry up if left out and pottery clay can be used to write! Each class used the clay several times during choice time in different ways. For example, Julie and Natalie’s class made sushi and plates as well as beds for their Legos, while Nami and Debbie’s class made nature sculptures and international food.

The children were fortunate to have Teacher Rika, a clay and pottery teacher, visit the classrooms and teach them how to “play” with clay. Her visits included introducing various types of clay and helping the children observe their differences. The children were excited leading up to the big event: making individual mugs. To prepare, they designed plans using various materials (sticks, buttons, flowers, leaves and pipe cleaners). Then, they got their little fingers dirty by forming flat pieces of clay into mugs by squeezing, smoothing, sculpting and molding it. They concentrated so hard while they added the materials from their designs and carefully placed them into their mugs. They finished off their mugs by choosing colored clay paints to add the perfect touch. We can’t wait to see how they turn out once they’ve been baked! (The Nursery Team)