Middle School Hosts a Mathematical Carnival


On April 23rd, the Middle School hosted a carnival in support of Second Harvest Japan. The MS Carnival was not only a fundraising effort, but also a mathematical learning experience as well as an opportunity to show over 140 visitors from Meisei Gakuen a good time.

The carnival took quite a bit of prep work on the part of students and teachers. In addition to their chaperoning duties, 6th grade students prepared and operated games of skill while the 7th graders were responsible for games of chance. In math class they determined the theoretical probability of winning their games of chance and then gathered data during the carnival for analysis of the experimental probability.

The 8th grade students provided supplies for concessions and sold some very creative food items. They also acted as buddies for 3rd and 4th graders who attended.

By the end of the day, the Middle School raised ¥200,000 for Second Harvest Japan and also the spirits of all who joined in the festivities.

You can learn more about Second Harvest Japan on their website.