Spring Musical: Bye Bye Birdie

ASIJ15_080-439The spring musical has come and gone. We are all left to reflect on what, to us, was another breath-taking performance. However, to those involved, the spring musical is a product of weekends sacrificed, hours spent practicing and months devoted to a single work of musical theater. Over 100 people collaborated, taking audiences back in time to a vibrant caricature of the early ’60s with this year’s spring musical. Bye Bye Birdie is a satirical take on American society during a time when youth and fame became a focus of popular culture and the generational divide began to widen. Our students captured the era in bright lights, vivid colors and song.

Performers, musicians, technicians and volunteers came together for what has become one of the largest yearly projects at ASIJ. With only two and a half months from casting to completion, the cast and crew brought a vision of Bye Bye Birdie that was true to its roots, but uniquely their own.

Contrasting the previous performances in 2003, 1988 and 1978, this year’s Conrad Birdie presented a more realistic and down-to-earth image, highlighting his character rather than the bigger-than-life appearance often associated with pompadours and jumpsuits. In doing so, they kept closer to the rock-star styles of the time.

Colors that defined the times were ramped up for the 2015 stage performance, period televisions played period clips and multi-level structures brought the performance to new heights. With an extensive history of musical theater, each spring musical is a struggle against time, scale and the success of previous years. Thanks to the devotion and efforts of the students, faculty and Friends of the Fine Arts, the 2015 High School Musical once again kicked spring off with thunderous applause. If you missed the performance or want to reminisce, you can view the whole show on ASIJ TV.