An Amazing Year for ASIJ Aquatics

2014-15 proved to be an amazing year at the ASIJ pool. This year a couple new swim programs were started to meet the demands of our swim community. In August, parent volunteers began the Orcas, a year-round age-group swim club. The Orcas operate separately from the ASIJ co-curricular programs, giving competitive swimmers an opportunity for a regular training and competitive schedule throughout the school year. We also piloted an ES Spring pre-team that is geared more to the novice swimmer interested in preparing for a competitive swimming experience. These programs are positive additions to our aquatics programming and over 80 students were involved in the new programs this year, in addition to the students who participated in our divisional swim teams.

Regional recognition

The Orcas year-round swim club jumped right into the Kanto Plains Swimming international arena, with a handful of our ASIJ swimmers in the top spots for their age group at several meets. They also competed throughout the year at the Tatsumi International Swimming Center where the Olympics and other world class swim events are held. The Orcas will finish off their spring season by traveling to Hong Kong International School from May 29-30 for the International School Stingrays Invitational.

Swim and Service

Our ES and HS swim teams, along with their swimming success, collectively raised over ¥800,000 through the ES swim-a-thon and HS- sponsored Mustang Splash charity meet. All proceeds raised from these events are donated to various charitable organizations. The HS varsity swim team also did their team service project together at a local disadvantaged children’s center while on their swim trip in Bangkok, Thailand. After their service project, the varsity Mustangs were able to come home with the Championship Cup from Bangkok Patana International School’s Varsity Sprints Invitational.

School records and Summer Pursuits

During the 2014-15 season, we saw over 20 school records broken from all divisions, ES to HS. Most swimmers continue their training and competitive schedule well into the summer vacation. Two of our ASIJ swimmers will spend this summer in Northern California with a nationally-recognized team that trains for the Junior national and Junior Olympic swim meets in the USA. (Lynn Loveman, Aquatics Director)