Sunshine, Waves and a Little Sun Burn: Grade 7 in Izu

Grade 7 students traveled to Yumigahama at the bottom of the Izu peninsula for the Izu Extended Campus Trip from May 11 to May 22. They explored tide pools in search of sea hares, snorkeled in the deeper water, went kayaking and rode some waves during a surf lesson. The experience helped students to get out of the city and into an environment that is in stark contrast to their every day existence.

This trip nurtured environmental science and ecology connections to the learning that takes place in the science classroom. The camp kitchen, which was jump started by a PTA grant in 2012, allowed the students to help cook and prepare some of the food while supporting the nutrition unit from the health classes. The students came back to Tokyo with fond memories of a trip that is a middle school highlight. (Peter Dohrenwend, MS Science Teacher)