Shinoharu Tatekawa Presents Rakugo: The Art of Storytelling

We were fortunate to have Shinoharu Tatekawa, a Japanese-born storyteller who graduated from Yale University, visit ASIJ on May 22. The art of storytelling is also known in Japanese as rakugo. Shinoharu Tatekawa discovered his passion for storytelling after working as a company employee. He has told stories in English and Japanese in a variety of places around the world.

Shinoharu-san visited our school and shared a piece of Japanese history with us. The humor that he conveyed has been a tradition in Japan since the Edo period 400 years ago. Shinoharu-san began by introducing the art of storytelling, discussing the style and the method of telling stories in rakugo. Many people attended to see the famous Japanese storyteller perform, including students from all grades, and even some parents. Through his performance, Shinoharu-san engaged the audience and spread laughter throughout the attendees with his jokes and vibrant personality. Shinoharu-san’s performance was certainly one to see, and it was a pleasure to have him perform for our students and faculty. Thank you Shinoharu-san! (Dev Gulati, Grade 10 and William Zhang, Grade 10)

You can learn more about rakugo and Shinoharu Tatekawa on his website.